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Winning Tiebreakers

Red Card gives me Extended Energy forů My love life - tired and boring, too much dribbling and not enough scoring Fitness and zest a 'header' the rest, exhaustion 'sent off' gusto refreshed Refereeing: Energy provision always right, pit it cannot improve my eyesight Providing the 'Arsenal' which 'Leeds' to glory The Cup Final, too much Red Card and I'll need a urinal It is said 'seven days without Red Card makes one weak'

Lucozade is No1 for active people because... Instant energy is put back, countering an energy deficient attack On the track, on the street, Lucozade is hard to beat After a gruelling session on the track Lucozade puts the energy back When your vital 'go' has gone, Lucozade helps you carry on When your body's stamina is under attack, Lucozade puts the energy back Whatever your age, whatever your 'race' Lucozade helps you to keep pace It keeps them at the top, while others flag and drop It gives the zest to become the best Energy-packed, in flavours galore, it sustains and refreshes whatever the score When my body says no, Lucozade helps me get up and go With its refreshingly high glucose content, Lucozade quickly replaces energy spent Climbing high, just surviving, Lucozade to the rescue, soon reviving Lush, Uplifting and Cool, Offers Zest And Daily Energy Run, jump, swim or skate, Lucozade helps me recuperate It provides every day, what daily living takes away Once tasted, soon gone, but the benefits linger on When energy runs low, it gives that 'get up and go' Exhausted feelings get short shrift from Lucozade's healthy, invigorating lift Tesco shoppers heartily insist - Lucozade energy - top of their list It quenches thirst with an energy burst When energy ebbs low it gives get up and go A Lucozade a day keeps competitors at bay Lucozade Up Classes Other Zest Associated Drinks Entirely! They 'Cram' much more into their 'Daley' lives When the going gets tough - Lucozade gets going A runaway for energy and zest, elite for taste - its definitely best If you want the Daley spark Lucozade helps you make the mark The energy in the fizziness, lets their trainers do the business When your energy starts to fade, there's nothing better than Lucozade! When all those games have been played, replace that energy with Lucozade Aces, Athletes and amateurs agree Lucozade works to a 'T' Handy for my hand-bag, boosts me when I start to flag Nothing's a test when you're fuelled by the best It provides every day what daily living takes away Whether its cycling, sailing, running or swimming, Lucozade ensures my energy's brimming The lost energy it replaces helps to win races! A hectic day full of strife, Lucozade adds that sparkle of life After vigorous exercises - Lucozade - energises! It always comes first for quenching thirst! It turns 'fed up and slow' into 'get up and go' The action always starts after my 'Daley' drink! When you are tired and slow, Lucozade makes you go, go, go! Not a word of flattery, it charges up your battery Every can gives 'bottle', every bottle says 'you can' Energy fading and jobs still to do, Lucozade bubbles refresh and renew When your sparkle begins to fade, put it back with Lucozade It passes the rest in the taste bud test They never feel 'whacked' because they're Lucozade backed! Top performance, second to none, sparkling Lucozade shows how its done

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