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Wokka Saké receives an Icy welcome in Sweden

Extreme Drinks took its first step into Sweden this week with a cool listing for Wokka Saké at the world famous Icehotel Restaurant.

Michael Johansson, Manager of the Jukkasjärvi-based restaurant was so impressed with Wokka's "smoothness and quality" he has ordered enough to last until the hotel’s meltdown in May. "The Head Chef and I spent a very agreeable evening sipping away on Wokka Saké. We were very impressed, not just by the smoothness, but also by the delicate flavours".

The concept-hotel deep in the Arctic Circle, which is made up of 35,000 tons of snow and ice, melts away during springtime and is annually rebuilt by local builders and international sculptors to dramatic effect. A host of celebrated guests including Swedish Royalty, Herb Ritts, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and even 007 himself in the film 'Die Another Day' have stayed at the awe-inspiring Icehotel where they can now enjoy Wokka Sake, the eclectic après-ski spirit designed to be sipped at sub-arctic temperatures.

Extreme Drinks follows its sister company the Extreme Sports Channel which already broadcasts 24/7 across the whole of Scandinavia via a number of the leading cable and satellite TV operators.

The Icehotel Restaurant is the latest addition to the unique and exclusive venues where Wokka Saké is available prior to the launch party on 25th March 2003, which now include St Martins Lane Hotel , The Sanderson, The Blue Bar at the Berkeley Hotel, The Mandarin Oriental and Opium.

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