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Pit Bull Energy Drink Files Trademark Lawsuit Against “Copycat Product”

Hip Hop Beverage Company, makers of Pit Bull, the original American Energy Drink, has had a lawsuit filed in federal court on its behalf for copyright infringement. The lawsuit was filed against the manufacturer of a company that also makes an energy drink called “Pit Bull”. Made in the Netherlands and distributed through the North American Beverage Corporation based in Miami Florida, this product is giving the Hip Hop Beverage Company cause for concern. Calvin Ross Thorton, CEO of Hip Hop Beverage Company USA states “This is clearly a fraudulent product and is infringing upon our trademark name, HIP HOP’S ‘PIT BULL ENERGY DRINK’ which originated here in The USA. Our product is manufactured and distributed out of Warrenton, Missouri and Los Angeles, California. It is clearly an American owned product, as compared to this other product, which is imported from the Netherlands. We want all distributors and consumers to be aware of this situation.”

For more information, please contact the Hip Hop Beverage Corporation at 1-800-686-3697 or you can e-mail them by visiting

Source: Hip Hope Beverage Company

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