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>> Hype Energy

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Hype. The aftertaste is pleasant with no traces of that nasty medicinal flavor that almost all other energy drinks have. Hype is flavored with real elderberry and cranberry juices.  I think it's the cranberry that gives it that tart bite. I fired the can down. Amazing! Hype also gave me a boost which I didn't imagine was possible from such a small can. It has energy ingredients like caffeine, taurine, b-vitamins, and also adds in guarana and ginseng. These herbs give Hype Energy Drink a serious kick.

Hype's can is a bright metallic silver with a sporty logo that you’d imagine seeing at most upscale night clubs. For me it's very attractive. Hype X2, which comes in a larger size, which looks the same.

Hype energy drink is a great drink. The taste is strong, and the formula packs a strong kick. You get all the caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins you need to get you through the day and the herbs are a perfect compliment for that extra boost.

Hype Energy Drinks are great tasting boosts of Caffeine, Guarana, and Taurine, perfect for

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