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Bomba Energia

BOMBA - Excite your mind!

If you think that all energy drinks are the same, you'd better think again.

BLUE energy - blue and cool like the eternal ice, energises and revives the organism.
RED energy - red and fiery like a volcano, the fruity bomb returns to the body whatever it needs.
YELLOW energy - of bubblegum taste, stimulates the spirit and the circulatory system.
BLACK energy - attacks the tired body and strengthens it with the power of blackcurrants.

BOMBA energy - The Mega Trend!

Functional food is the current mega trend in nutrition. Functional drinks are “the” trend and they will be even more on everyone’s lips in the coming years. This trend will continue over the coming years.

BOMBA is “functional”

Every person reaches a slump 5 – 6 times per day. Especially in times like these, when we are exposed to stress, increasing traffic and an inundation of stimuli, fatigue and lack of concentration can be extremely dangerous. (We only know too well the consequences of falling asleep for just a split second…) In general, only adequate sleep or rest time can eliminate this “slump”.
BOMBA and its fast acting energy carrying agents can provide an additional, vital contribution to mobilise new energy reserves in your body.

Die BOMBA Positioning

BOMBA is the immediate power fuel for body and mind!

Reasons why:
Vitamins, caffeine, taurine and sugar make BOMBA:
- an effective and functional elixir of life
- supply the body, mind and spirit with full-on energy
- four colours and flavours offer everyone their favourite BOMBA

BOMBA Energia
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