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Refreshing Ginseng Juice Boost High-Performance Energy And Recovery Drink!

24 Can Case $20.00 Introductory Discount

The new High-performance Energy and Recovery drink from the makers of Uptime. Ginseng Juice Boost is a unique balance of ancient herbs, formulated to meet the needs of active individuals who demand optimal physical, mental and spiritual performance. Ginseng Juice Boost is a natural year-round thirst quencher. It is ideal for sports people, travelers, dieters, students, executives, seniors, homemakers and all those with an active life-style.

Made with Standardized Extracts for Maxium Potency

* Natural Energy Boosters. Contains Taurine, coENZYME Q10 and Ginkgo Biloba for sustained concentration and stamina.

* Team Uptime Approved. Designed for the athlete in everyone and all those with an active life-style who want 100% natural energy.

* Carbohydrate Booster. The preferred fuel for exercise or any activity is carbohydrates, because they are metabolized rapidly.

* Great Taste. Ginseng juice extract combined with the effervescence of citrus and the clear clean taste of sparkling carbonation.

Uptime Sports
P.O. Box 90659
Santa Barbara
CA 93190-0659
Tel. 800-441-5656, 805-564-3494
Fax: 805-564-4879

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