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rhino's energy

Production is carried out near Salzburg and only pure spring water from the Austrian Alps is used. rhino´s energy drink and food AG is the only manufacturer whose product range includes a taurine-based non-carbonated energy drink in a resealable TetraPak. The company´s products stand out from other products on the market by reason of the exceptional freshness of their taste and very high quality standard.

rhino´s product range consists of:

·   rhino´s energy drink 250 ml. cans (carbonated)
·   rhino´s sugarfree energy drink 250 ml. cans (carbonated)
·   rhino´s energy drink 1.5 l. PET bottles (carbonated)
·   black rhino´s energy drink 330 ml. TetraPak (non-carbonated and resealable)
·   rhino´s energy fruit gums 50 g. pack (taurine-based fruit gums)

rhino's energy drink and food GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Ring 4-6
D-82152 Krailling / Munich

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