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Active Energy Drink

The story of Active Energy Drink began in 1996 when Misha Andric and Katharina Andric, founder and co-founder of Active Energy, moved from Austria to Toronto. Misha & Katharina brought with them ten years combined experience as marketing executives in the European beverage industry, they also carried the initial concept of Active Energy Drink.

Anticipating future trends in the industry, Misha and Katharina planned to launch Active in Toronto; but after more research, it was discovered that beverage industry executives in Toronto lacked the for-sight needed to support a Canadian product of this type.

Active Energy then re located to a city whose attitude and lifestyle was more in line with the Active lifestyle model, Vancouver BC. After two years of research and testing, the Active formula was developed. The marketing team was assembled, and with the solid financial backing of local partners, in January 2000 Vancouver was introduced to Active Energy Drink.

Founded on the principles of integrity and private ownership, and valuing the ideals of the local community, the Active team set out to develop a local distribution network; and after less than a year from it's initial introduction Active Energy is available in over 75 local outlets. From nightclubs to corner stores Active is growing.

The concept is simple: to provide the highest quality, best tasting, most effective product, marketed through a positive lifestyle model to the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry. A segment that remains relatively un tapped and is estimated to represent U.S. $90 billion per year.

Currently, a void exists in the Canadian food and beverage industry. Performance enhancing products are available in virtually every other segment. In Europe and Asia true energy drinks already exist and profit - in excess of U.S $2 Billion. Keeping in mind the difference between Active Energy Drink and other "energy" beverages in Canada, nation wide distribution of Active Energy is the obvious next step. The growth of the alternative beverage segment of the North American market, year ending 1999, was measured at 102%. These types of industry numbers together with the recent acquisition of 2 major brands by larger American companies will cast a major spotlight on this category over the next couple of years; and Active will be ready.

When describing our target market itīs important to realize that Active Energy is a lifestyle utility, a tool which is a key component of an Active lifestyle. The defining characteristics of our target market are fairly simple; Active people are those who through the course of their daily lives require an extra Energy boost to maintain their performance. Usage fits with any time of day or night, and any occupation or activity. Morning or afternoon energy kick-ups, pre-game or halftime, the long ride home, 15 hours on set, working or partying at nightclubs or afterhours, itīs the Energy you need to stay Active. We shift the focus to the Active Lifestyle, as a positive model to maintain. The Active Energy Drink is only one element of a new, healthy way of living.

People who engage in this new Active Lifestyle will have a new city to call their own, online. Drawn together through similarity, our online Active City will provide a community mentality for people to get involved with other like-minded individuals. Interacting through online forums on related topics, to viewing Active events through our web streaming technology, people will discover new and exciting avenues for participation. With dynamic content ranging from music and club scene information to health and nutrition advice, young and young at heart will see the Active City as a new model for positive living.

Our marketing of the Active lifestyle is delivered through a multifaceted approach. A combination of proven sales and marketing tools, and new more powerful, more exciting techniques is the key to our early success. In keeping with the company philosophy of "people first", we have made friends and allies, not distributors and customers; and our relationships are built one deal at time.

What sets Active Energy apart from the other "energy drinks" is the science inside the bottle. Active is far from the glorified teas or colas on the market; many of which contain only trace elements of the "herb of the month" and offer no actual performance enhancement or positive physiological effects. In the Canadian beverage market, a market whoīs sales total U.S $115 billion, Active Energy is the only true energy drink. We spent 2 years in research and development designing the ultimate combination of vitamins, amino acids, and designer sugars, which we believe to be the best tasting and most effective ever developed. The rate, with which Active is spreading, is a clear indication that Active Energy Drink is more than just another thirst quencher.

Sponsorship/media exposure

The different disciplines that make up extreme sports are the ultimate proving ground for Active Energy. The Active team is made up of our extreme sport athletes and sport ambassadors who travel the world defining what it is to be extreme. Active Energy enthusiastically embraces these athletes and offers opportunity to push their abilities and creativity to the limit.

We sponsor both amateur and pro athletes from all different extreme sport disciplines. From freestyle skiing, paragliding and mountain biking to skateboarding, Martial Arts and snowboarding, our team members demonstrate the Active Lifestyle to the extreme.

Future Active Energy sponsored events will include Big Air snowboard competitions, dual slalom and down hill mountain bike races, boarder-cross snowboarding, and street skate competitions.

Official Active Team members include Steve Omischl. The youngest competitor on the world cup tour and ranked 4th in the world, Steve recently placed 3rd at the Canadian Nationals at Whistler/Blackcomb; an event where Active was an official sponsor (supplier), the event was televised on CBC Sports and broadcast across Canada. Steve also competes professionally in the BumpsīnīJumps competitions and regularly appears on both the ABC, NBC networks. Steve was also featured in Freeze magazine, a skiing publication distributed across North America.

Other Active sponsorship includes Team Marcus Soares. Team Soares competes in NHB tournaments; held around the world, NHB are the most extreme martial arts competitions to date. Team Soares competes as a member of the legendary Carlson Gracie team.

The Active team also has local representation via Martial Arts expert Denis Kang (Team Soares). Denis practices Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and competes in Pancration tournaments held here and abroad. His outstanding record of 21 wins and only 8 loses makes him the one to beat at every competition. Video clips of all Active Team members can be viewed on our website which is updated regularly.

The Active Team, like our company, is developing a solid base of strategic alliances, which will provide the stability needed for our future growth.

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